Vita Diet Shakes Good for Energy

//Vita Diet Shakes Good for Energy

Vita Diet Shakes Good for Energy

Paris based lawyer Julien discovered the Medical Vita Diet while training for the Berlin Marathon. He was also in intensive training for his French rugby team. “I used to come home starving after rugby practice but I found after having a Vita Diet shake I felt full and also slept well,” he told the Aussie friend who gave him the sachets.  ” I was most impressed.” Julien went on to complete the gruelling 42 km Berlin Marathon in four and a half hours, raising thousands of dollars for charity. He is pictured with his medal after the marathon, about to have another nutritious Vita Diet Swiss Chocolate!

Congratulations Julien!

Incidentally, Queensland Health Advanced Nutritionist Mathew Dick has just announced that most people who exercised or played sport did not need sports drinks. “For adults and children engaged in regular sport or exercise, water is the best drink before, during and after sport and physical activity.”

He said a typical 600ml bottle of sport drink contained around 780 kilojoules, 9 teaspoons of sugar and 300 mg of sodium—about as much sugar as a can of soft drink and the sodium in half a slice of pizza.

By contrast, a Vita Diet sachet contains high energy at 735 kj, but only a teaspoon of sugar, low GI lactose carbohydrate, only 132 mg of sodium PLUS it contains complete protein, including casein and whey, 16 essential vitamins and minerals and 17 amino acids. No wonder athletes feel good after training!

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