Monique Loses 20 kgs on Vita Diet.

//Monique Loses 20 kgs on Vita Diet.

Monique Loses 20 kgs on Vita Diet.

Beautiful mother of two Monique Norton Knight from the Gold Coast found it difficult to shed weight after the birth of her second baby. She tried everything before finding success with the Medical Vita Diet.Not only did she lose 20 kgs, she also found she now had abundant energy!  Monique also had her body composition measured on special scales at Vita Diet head office. This proved that her weight loss on Vita Diet was mainly fat, and very little muscle mass.

This is Monique’s inspiring story.

“I  weighed 89.5 kgs and had tried various diets, including other shake diets, the cabbage diet, and trying to eat sensibly. They all failed miserably.

I then started using the Medical Vita Diet soups, shakes and bars and have now lost 20 kgs. I love this program. The results speak for themselves. I have not only lost weight but I have gained energy which is extremely important with two young kids .

I love the flexibility of being able to take the products anywhere. I have the shakes or soup at work or have the bars when I am out with the girls. I love the flavours. They taste great and have no bad aftertaste like other shakes I’ve tried.

People at work have been stopping me saying “You look fantastic. What are you doing?”

It’s  great being able to get up in the morning feeling energetic, instead of lying in bed thinking “I’m exhausted. How am I going to get through the day?”

Apart from the energy, my skin is much clearer, my nails are stronger and I am no longer losing strands of hair when I shower.

I’m not the only one in the family who loves the shakes. My young son begs me for a chocolate shake every morning. Even after eating breakfast, he says he is starving until he gets his shake!

My daily routine is to have a shake for breakfast, a soup for lunch and then a snack bar mid afternoon. I am cooking healthier dinners for myself and my children because the Vita Diet recommended foods are fresh not processed.

I recommend the Medical Vita Diet to anyone, not just for the weight loss, but also the health benefits for the whole family!”

 Monique Norton Knight



**Disclaimer – results may vary from person to person**

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