How to lose weight fast in 3 easy steps

//How to lose weight fast in 3 easy steps

How to lose weight fast in 3 easy steps

How does losing weight fast this week sound?

Well this article will tell you how to turn your body into a fat burning machine!

STEP 1 – Purchase our DIY Starter Pack.

To lose weight fast you will need our product. The best package available is the Vita Diet “DIY Starter Pack”. This can be purchased online or in most Australian pharmacies for only

Vita Diet Starter Pack ContentsVita Diet Starter Pack Bonus Material$49.95 and includes everything you will need to learn how to lose weight fast.  

STEP 2 – Follow the simple steps outlined in the Vita Diet Usage Guide and Dr’s Guide.

Inside the Vita Diet Starter Pack we have included a complete Dr’s Guide and 60 page recipe book plus a Vita Diet usage guide which outlines the eating plan. If you follow the simple steps how to lose weight fast outlined in the usage guide, you can expect to achieve the same results as shown in our testimonials.
In the Dr’s Guide read pgs 14 and 15 about Ketosis. This explain how a “Ketogenic Diet” works and why  Vita Diet program is so effective in helping you lose weight fast. (The Medical Vita Diet or Vita Diet is Australia’s original ketogenic diet since 1984)

The principle of a Ketogenic Diet is, by restricting your carbohydrate intake, your body (over about 12hrs) will convert to your fat stores for energy. This is why the Vita Diet is so effective at helping you lose weight fast.  

Once the Vita Diet turns your body into a fat burner you almost will have an unlimited supply of energy. This fat burning can also be monitored by using the new “Vita Diet Ketone Sticks“.

Vita Diet Ketone SticksVita Diet Ketone Test Strips


 The illustration below shows the benefits of a Ketogenic Diet and represents Fat vs Carb burning.



STEP 3 – Let us help you stay on track

Vita Diet weight loss section to help you lose weight fast

The secret to lose weight fast is to have the right knowledge and support.

Join our Free Lose Weight club and you can:

  • Record your weight loss progress,
  • Talk to other members on the forums,
  • Share you fast weight loss story
  • Talk to a weight loss consultant and much more…

So what are you waiting for? Now you know how to lose weight fast let’s get started.








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