Yes. The sachets meet all guidelines for formulated supplementary food as laid down by the Australian Food Authority. The programme was introduced into medical centres in 1987 and has been used under medical supervision by tens of thousands of patients with “outstanding success”.

Dr Holloway, the first doctor to introduce the Medical Vita Diet into his clinics, describes the program as “proven, safe and sure” Pharmacies have also achieved excellent results since 1987. Before embarking on any weight loss program, people should always consult their doctors. GP approval forms are available from their pharmacies.

The weight loss program is based on the ‘protein sparing modified fast’ which was devised by doctors as a safe and effective way of treating obesity. The eating program comprises an adequate intake of proteins and low carbohydrates. Because of the limited carbohydrate intake, the body turns to an alternate source for energy. namely the fat cells. Doctors can measure the ketone levels in the urine to ensure that fat is being burnt off at a satisfactory rate. The body’s lean muscle mass is protected by the inclusion of 200 gms of protein in the daily diet as well as protein in the sachets.

The eating program is designed for weight loss, but as it cuts out bread, pasta, rice and fruit, it is not a balanced diet. The Medical Vita Diet shake sachets have been formulated to provide most of the required levels of vitamins, minerals, low GI carbohydrates and proteins. A multivitamin tablet is taken daily, or, for added nutritional insurance, with every shake. The main meal of the day comprises either fish, meat or poultry and a healthy serve of fresh vegetables or salads.

Because the weight loss program satisfies nutritional requirements most people experience no hunger. Apart from the nutrient enriched shakes and the main meal, the program allows for the intake of unlimited vegetables from the list during the day. If dieters go off the diet and back on to junk food, they can experience cravings because the body is not receiving its usual nutrition. It is easier to stick to the program.

Yes. The shakes are a healthy and nutritious drink that all members of the family can enjoy as they contain minimum additives.

If you feel you have a lot of toxins in your system because of poor diet habits we suggest you go on a cleansing diet by eating nothing but fruit and vegetables and drinking water for three days. You might experience symptoms of nausea, sluggishness, headaches or light-headedness. This is due to stored toxins being released into the system. Once these symptoms have passed, usually by the third day, you can commence the Vita Diet program.

Yes. You can maintain your weight by having one Vita Diet sachet a day to keep up your vitamin and mineral intake, and then eating a normal diet. Avoid junk foods and fatty foods and eat smaller quantities. If your weight starts to creep up, go back on the Vita Diet program.

We suggest one glass of dry white wine or whisky mixed with water. These are refreshing and have the least calories.  No beer.  Vodka and soda also have few calories. Again one glass.After that, stick to the water. Alcohol should be avoided as the body will always burn alcohol first, before stored fat.

A small percentage may develop this due to not drinking the required 8 glasses of water a day. It could also be due to a reduction in saliva, ketones or reflux of gas from the stomach. Sugar free mints and gum will aid this.

You might find that after losing weight initially your weight remains the same for a few weeks even though you are following the program faithfully. Make a note of everything you eat and drink and you may find that you are consuming too many carbohydrates. It is also important to take measurements because this might show that you are continuing to lose cms. You might be losing fat but you are contributing protein to maintain your muscle tone and this might be the reason that the weight loss remains static. The fit of your clothes is the best test! It also helps to increase your exercise levels.

Yes, the Vita Diet is extremely effective way to lose weight fast. Please view our testimonials from people who have achieved amazing results on the Medical Vita Diet for a realistic idea of what to expect.

First of all remember that the sachets are mixed with 200 to 250 mls of water which dilutes the sugar content considerably. We think of sugar as a sweet substance, deriving from sugar cane, added to tea, coffee etc.

The Medical Vita Diet sachet contains about 5-7 gms of sweet sugar or about one l teaspoon added to the milkshakes to give them a natural taste. (It is quite obvious by tasting the shakes that there is no more than one  teaspoon of sugar in the shake.)

Lactose is a low GI carbohydrate which makes up nearly half the composition of the milk powder. Lactose is the foundation of life – it is the first carbohydrate babies use in their first few months. Because it is a carbohydrate that converts to energy, it is classed as a sugar, even though it is non sweet.

According to feedback from dieters, the small teaspoon of sugar in the nutrient-enriched shake helps stop sugar cravings. Also if the supplement is not palatable, people will not readily drink it, thus depriving them of the proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates needed to balance the diet. The taste is nicer than those drinks containing artificial sweeteners.

The inclusion of measured carbohydrates also promotes moderate ketosis and keeps blood sugar levels steady. Apart from the sachets, sugar is not allowed in the eating program

Most milk based supplement or meal replacement shakes on the market have similar amounts of sugar. Those with a low sugar content usually contain controversial artificial sweeteners. Others require mixing with 200 -250 ml of milk, which is misleading as this masks the amount of extra sugar in the sachet as milk solids contain nearly 50 % lactose or sugar!!

The Medical Vita Diet nutrition panel states the correct amount of sugar and recommends you mix with water only.

A lot of controversy surrounds the use of artificial sweeteners in foods. Apart from research pointing to cancer links, the latest research has shown that artificial sweeteners can make people put on weight because the sweet taste prepares the body for a large calorie intake.
“When this did not arrive the body demanded more food or burned less energy, which resulted in weight gain”

Behavioural Neuroscience Journal as quoted in The Courier Mail (12th February, 2008)

Yes, the Vita Diet is extremely effective way to lose weight fast. Please view our testimonials from people who have achieved amazing results on the Medical Vita Diet for a realistic idea of what to expect.

When whey protein is taken on an empty stomach, it is not used efficiently because it is absorbed too quickly. Although whey does promote protein synthesis, a huge portion of its amino acid content is used for energy instead of building muscle.

Casein, unlike whey, is digested slowly with no wasting of its amino acids. Combining casein with whey slows the digestion of whey, thereby protecting the latter’s amino acids and helping to maximise their use in muscle protein synthesis. A clinical study which compared the effects of whey and casein in terms of fat mass loss, lean mass gain and strength performance found that casein was far superior in all results. The casein group lost more than double the amount of body fat, gained double the amount of lean muscle and performed twice as successfully in the strength testing.

R.H. Demling, L.De Sant, (2000) Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism (44:1: 21-29).”

The best form of supplementation therefore contains largely casein with a smaller addition of whey, which, unsurprisingly, is the natural composition of milk solids.

Each Medical Vita Diet sachet is nutritionally balanced with largely casein and a lesser amount of whey proteins.

All shakes, soups, desserts and bars in the Medical Vita Diet range are now gluten free. Check for the gluten free stamp.

Yes, all of our shakes, soups, bars and desserts are made in QLD, Australia.