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Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

Vita Diet is a modified form of a Ketogenic Diet and has all the same benefits. This is a must watch video "Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet"...

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The NEW Vita Diet Ketone Sticks are Now Available!

What are Ketone Sticks? Ketone sticks, also known as Ketone test strips or Ketosticks are used to detect ketones in urine. Whilst the Medical vita Diet is based on the “Protein Sparing Modified Fast”, it is also known as a “Ketogenic Diet”. On the Vita Diet, a person’s carbohydrate intake is restricted over a short period of time causing the [...]

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Charles Dornan of Vita Diet Industry Leader Finalist

Charles Dornan managing director of Medical Vita Diet  has been selected as an Industry Leader Award of Excellence finalist by the Global Weight Management Congress. Charles has been actively involved in the weight management industry for the past 11 years and says he is honoured by the recognition from such a prestigious group. “This honour belongs to every member of [...]

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Monique Loses 20 kgs on Vita Diet.

Beautiful mother of two Monique Norton Knight from the Gold Coast found it difficult to shed weight after the birth of her second baby. She tried everything before finding success with the Medical Vita Diet.Not only did she lose 20 kgs, she also found she now had abundant energy!  Monique also had her body composition measured on special scales at [...]

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Vita Diet Shakes Good for Energy

Paris based lawyer Julien discovered the Medical Vita Diet while training for the Berlin Marathon. He was also in intensive training for his French rugby team. "I used to come home starving after rugby practice but I found after having a Vita Diet shake I felt full and also slept well," he told the Aussie friend who gave him the [...]

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Why the Medical Vita Diet shakes are the best weight loss shakes on the market!

The Medical Vita Diet shakes are the best weight loss shakes on the market as they have been tried and tested in Australia for over 27 years. The weight loss shakes were originally launched in selected Queensland medical centres as an aid to help combat Australia's growing obesity problem. The doctors considered the Medical Vita Diet weight loss shakes range to be the best weight loss [...]

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ALL NEW Gluten Free Weight Loss Soup

The all new Medical Vita Diet Gluten and Dairy Free Weight Loss Soup is amazing. They contain all 16 essential vitamins & minerals and are low in sugar (Country Chicken 0.9 g) The new weight loss soup can be used in your soup diet this winter as a nutritional packed snack or as meal replacement in conjunction with the Medical Vita Diet weight loss program. [...]

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How to lose weight fast in 3 easy steps

How does losing weight fast this week sound? Well this article will tell you how to turn your body into a fat burning machine! STEP 1 – Purchase our DIY Starter Pack. To lose weight fast you will need our product. The best package available is the Vita Diet “DIY Starter Pack”. This can be purchased online or in most Australian pharmacies for [...]

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ALL NEW website

Vita Diet is excited to launch our all new website. The new site has many new and improved functions including; Google maps store locator New Improved Online Store New online weight loss centre Facebook login and much more… If you are an existing MVD club member please try out our new members section and let us know what you [...]

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