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Medical Vita Diet Background

Since 1987

In 1987, Vita Tech launched the Medical Vita Diet, which is based on the ‘protein sparing modified fast, designed by doctors as a highly successful treatment for obesity. Obesity was regarded as a serious medical condition in 1987 and the Medical Vita Diet was initially supplied only through medical centres under medical supervision.

The first doctor to launch the Medical Vita Diet in 1987 was Dr Colin Holloway, M.B.B.Ch., D.T.M.& H., Dip.Obst.R.C.O.G., F.R.A.C.G.P., an international speaker on weight loss and health related topics. He achieved outstanding success with his patients and was so impressed that he opened a further 5 weight loss and nutrition clinics in Queensland, using the Medical Vita Diet. He has also published a Guide to the Medical Vita Diet program in several editions for the original benefit of his doctors and patients.

In the past decade, Vita Tech P/L has trained pharmacists and other health professionals to supply the program and they too have achieved great results, working in close co-operation with the customers’ own doctors where necessary. The company’s growth has been largely organic, from word of mouth recommendations.

Since 2004, the company has experienced huge growth under the direction of GM Charles Dornan, a human resources business graduate who is also a master personal trainer. He believes that the Medical Vita Diet program brings lasting benefits not just in terms of weight loss, but also in educating people about healthier lifestyles, including exercise.

According to Nutrition Australia (2000), 70% of Australians will be above their healthy weight range by 2010. After its decades of proven achievement with the Medical Vita Diet, Vita Tech’s mission today is to reduce the growing obesity epidemic by making its weight loss program readily available to anyone who needs it.

Medical Vita Diet

The Program

How does the Vita Diet weight loss program work?

The Vita Diet weight loss program works by controlling the amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fats a person consumes each day. With the aim of getting the body to start using its own body fat as a source of energy, resulting in weight loss. This is achieved by using any of the gluten free Vita Diet Shakes, Soups, Bars or Desserts to replace two meals per day, usually breakfast or lunch, and a third meal can be made from the Vita Diet food allowance list which includes proteins, unlimited vegetables, low carb fruit and much more. The Vita Diet program is designed to be easy to follow with the 5 daily steps and unlimited snacking list.

The Vita Diet 5 Simple Steps?

  1. Have any 2 Vita Diet supplements (Shakes, soups, bars or desserts) a day to replace either breakfast, lunch or dinner. The preference is yours.
  2. For your 3rd meal of the day prepare a main meal from the Vita Diet food allowance list. This can be found in the Vita Diet Usage Guide.
  3. Drink up to 8 to 10 glasses of water each day. (Herbal teas count)
  4. Walk for a minimum of 30 minutes or 10,000 steps most days of the week.
  5. Perform a Ketone test (Optional)

Whilst individual results vary from person to person, if you follow these five daily steps with the Vita Diet, you can lose up to 3kgs in your first week and up to 1 – 1.5kgs for every other week you stay on the program.


Does it really make you lose weight?

Yes it certainly does. The combination of the Vita Diet supplements and eating plan forces the body to go into a mild stage of Ketosis and is the reason why the weight loss results are so quick.


Vita Diet Usage Guide – Click to download


Turn your body into a fat burning machine!

What is Ketosis?

When you restrict your carbohydrate intake on the Vita Diet program, after a certain amount of time your body will naturally use its backup energy, starting with the excess glucose stored in the liver and muscles, which is known as glycogen and then will move onto your fat stores. When fat is used for energy, your body produces ketones and this process is known as Ketosis. The Vita Diet weight loss program is designed to promote a mild ketosis safely and effectively. There are also Vita Diet ketone sticks available which indicates a person’s level of ketosis.

Vita Diet Ketone Sticks

After 2 to 3 days of starting the Vita Diet program and by sticking to the simple steps, you can start performing a daily ketone check. Use a specimen container, disposable cup or urinate directly on the coloured part of the test strip when you first wake up.

While testing, wait 15 seconds for the ketone test strip pad to change colour. Read the results carefully in good light. Compare the colour of the ketone test strip pad to the colour chart on the side of the Vita Diet ketone stick container.

As there are other variables, results should be used as an indication only and not definitive.

Ketone Sticks Instructions Booklet – Click to download

How to get started

Simple, Effective and Affordable!

Vita Diet, time to try it!

If you are serious about losing weight and making a positive change in your life, you have found the right product. Vita Diet has helped thousands of people lose weight and maintain their weight plus general well being and it can help you too.

Whether you want to lose 5kg to 50kgs+ or just want something healthy and nutritious for lunch or on the go, Vita Diet has you covered.

To get started on our weight loss program we highly recommend our Vita Diet DIY Starter Pack as it contains everything you will need to start the program.

Vita Diet DIY Starter Pack

The best way to start achieving your desired weight loss goals on the Vita Diet is to purchase the DIY Starter Pack which contains everything you need to lose weight and keep it off!

The Starter Pack contains the following items;

The Starter Pack is available from pharmacies for only $49.99 plus $9.99 for the optional Ketone sticks.

Available Online

2 Week Starter Pack for $104.80 – Click to view

4 Week Starter Pack for $176.20 – Click to view

6 Week Starter Pack for $239.20 – Click to view

8 Week Starter Pack for $293.80 – Click to view

This option allows you to choose your preferred flavours and free samples plus includes the Ketone Sticks, plus Free Freight Australia Wide.

Vita Diet Mixed 14 Box

The Starter Packs sold in the pharmacy contain the Mixed 14 box.

If you purchase the DIY Starter Pack online you can choose which ever flavour you like and there are bulk discounts available for bigger packs.

Please note: If you purchase the Starter Packs online you can choose whatever flavour you like including the Mixed 14 Pack.

Vita Diet 2 in 1 Dr’s Guide & Recipe Book

To successfully lose weight on the Vita Diet weightloss program this guide is essential.

ALL NEW 6th edition topics include;

  • The Medical Vita Diet Weight Loss Program
  • Ketosis – What is it
  • Role of Exercise plus plan
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Maintance Guidelines
  • BMI, GI & Carbos Guide
  • Diet Diary

PLUS a complete Recipe Book

Please Note: Item can be purchased singularly as well. Click Here

Vita Diet Ketone Sticks 50 Pack

The Vita Diet ketone sticks or ketone test strips are unique as we have separated all 50 test tests into 2 x 25 in air tight sealed aluminum bags inside the bottle. Due to the sensitive nature of the chemical on the strips to air, this will help get maximum use out of the strips.

Comes with full instructions.

Vita Diet 500ml Plastic Shaker

Ideal for mixing your shakes, as they have a tightly sealed lid and plastic mixer insert, which is convenient when using ice.

They are available in vibrant Blue and Pink.

  • Made from BPA Free Plastic
  • Slim design to fit in your car cup holder

Please Note: Item can be purchased singly as well. Click Here

Vita Diet Body Tape Measure


  • Makes DIY measuring a breeze and more private.
  • Push button retraction & locking feature – Ensures correct measurement for superior accurancy.
  • Measure your health risk! – Body measurements can give an indication of health risk.
  • Can you measure up to 150cm’s
  • Very acccurate as it creates a true 360 degrees circumferance.
  • Allows you take write down measurements while still attached.

This item comes in all DIY Starter Packs or can only be purchased online.

Click Here

Instructions & Tips

A must read for new Vita Dieters!


Understanding and knowing how and why the Vita Diet program works is essential to losing weight and keeping it off.

So first, read…


Vita Diet Usage Guide – Click Here for phone version

The Vita Diet usage guide outlines the 5 simple steps and instructions to the program, plus it has the allowed food list you can have while on the weight loss program. If followed correctly, participants can expect to lose up to 3 kgs in their first week.


Dr Holloway’s Guide to The Medical Vita Diet

The guide was originally written back in 1987 to assist doctors with their patients.  It covers everything from weight loss to maintenance and will give you a complete understanding of the Vita Diet.



Now you have a good understanding of why and how the program works, planning ahead will really help you make your weight loss goal a reality.


Plan your meals for the week.

Benefits of planning your meals for the week include;

  • Each day you will know what you are having for dinner and therefore you won’t be tempted to break your diet with, for example; a sneaky uber eats delivery or that meat pie for lunch from the fast food truck.
  • Those with families will be able to plan the meals so everyone is happy.
  • Will help with grocery shopping.


Don’t run out of Vita Diet

One of the biggest reasons people go off our program, is they accidentally run out of their Vita Diet supplements. Due to Covid, slow delivery times and stock shortages in pharmacies can occur. Therefore, when running low, maybe increase your topup supply of your favourites to avoid disappointment.



Speak to your local pharmacy, doctor or contact the Vita Diet head office.

We can be contacted by phone, email or socials.

Ph AU: 1300 742 537 (SHAKES)

Ph NZ: +64 09 889 8387

Email: info@vitadiet.com.au

Instagram: Vitadiet1

Facebook: Vitadiet1

Facebook Support Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/377919752819339

The Vita Diet New Zealand and Australia support fb group page is excellent and inspiring. All of its current members offer support, recipes, weight loss stories, results and much more…

Our head office also likes to assist in any Q & A about the product or program so joining is a must.



We love our customers dearly and would like to thank you for your support.

Supporting us means many things, but above all, it means we can continue to help our community through great products and jobs through-out Australia and New Zealand.

Without your support, Vita Diet wouldn’t be where it is today, and for that, we are so grateful.


Product Review – Click Here

If you do like our product and support, sharing your experience on the product review site would not only help us create awareness about Vita Diet but will also help future newbies trying to work out whether Vita Diet will help them achieve their goals too.